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Home Improvement Trends and Ideas

Television schedules are packed with shows about home improvement. As a result, homeowners often have questions regarding the latest trends and best renovation projects.

Simple updates to your home can add significant value without breaking the bank. From changing bathroom hardware to power-washing the exterior, do-it-yourself projects are simple to complete and can make an immediate impactful statement about who lives there.


Reviving an outdated kitchen by updating appliances, cabinetry, counters and backsplash tile is one of the quickest and simplest ways to revitalize it without incurring extra costs or creating disruption during renovation. Plus it’s far less disruptive than installing brand new floors!

When decorating a kitchen, stick with timeless trends rather than short-term fads to ensure it will still look stylish when it comes time to sell the home.

Add a kitchen island for added gathering space and workspace efficiency, display items or serve as dining table. It could also serve as an effective display platform.

Installing a walk-in pantry can be an excellent way to increase storage and add value to your home, not to mention keeping food organized and decreasing waste due to overbuying.


Bathrooms are an invaluable asset in any home, and there are a multitude of ways to increase their functionality. One easy upgrade would be replacing your tub with a shower; over 60% of homeowners prefer showers over tubs as an upgrade that will only add value.

Replace old tile in your bathroom to make an immediate statement and attract buyers quickly. Cracked or discoloured tiles turn them away quickly and could cost more when it’s time to sell your property.

Installing a dimmer switch is an inexpensive and quick solution to making your bathroom more usable in the evenings when it’s dark outside, as well as creating more relaxing lighting conditions when taking bubble baths under dimmed lighting.

Decorate your bathroom without breaking a sweat with simple updates such as new window treatments, colorful rugs or fresh linens. Installing rods for towels or hooks to hang your robe can also make a noticeable difference in its cleanliness.

Living Rooms

No matter whether your living room serves to welcome guests, gather family and friends or become the space where your kids play, making even small renovations like repainting or adding decorative ceiling coffers can make a world of difference in its atmosphere and appeal.

If you’re having difficulty furnishing a small space, storage ottomans make an excellent way to seat yourself while adding color and concealing blankets or pillows for movie night. And seating clusters allow everyone in a larger area to find their own private place where they can unwind.

Although many prefer calling their living room a parlor or drawing room, in modern parlance it is commonly known as the living room since that’s what its intended for — actual living. Whatever its name is called, every home can benefit from having an organized and functional living room – an approach where a well-thought out design plan can truly pay dividends.


Bedrooms should be places for rest and rejuvenation, yet lacking storage space can leave it feeling tight and constrained. By hanging shelves on the wall instead, books or school supplies can be stored safely without taking up valuable floor space.

Bedroom requirements are determined by state and local building codes, although individual towns can impose additional standards that go beyond International Residential Code guidelines. For instance, certain towns mandate that bedrooms contain at least one egress that’s not a door (thus frowning upon grates or bars on windows as an egress).

If you plan to add a bedroom, it is essential that you obtain a permit in order to ensure your addition meets minimum safety standards and is within your local zoning regulations. Some towns have even forced homeowners to tear out additions built without permits – creating yet another potential headache during a real estate transaction!

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