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Best Security Cameras For Home

Home security cameras can help secure your home by detecting motion and alerting you of it, but finding one suitable for you requires research. Features like two-way talk are helpful when communicating with visitors or intruders and motorized pan-and-tilt allows you to adjust its view remotely.

Choose a camera equipped with intelligent movement detection to differentiate between people, animals, and vehicles so as to reduce unnecessary alerts. Also opt for night vision for keeping watch during darkness.

1. Arlo Ultra 2

The Arlo Ultra 2 is the newest iteration of their industry-leading wireless indoor/outdoor camera system. As the first Arlo to record 4K footage and be capable of identifying objects up to 150 feet away (but they should still be relatively close), it features built-in motion-activated spotlight and smart tracking of people entering and leaving its 180-degree field of view; you can record to local microSD card inserted into its base station and receive notifications sent directly to your phone; additionally it can activate sirens when an incident has been detected and alert authorities or friends should you get alerted when incidents are detected!

While its video quality is superb, its $600 price tag and lack of free cloud storage may deter some buyers. Luckily, other less costly security cameras offer comparable performance – its straightforward setup process fits easily into any home decor while its sleek monochrome design adds sophistication.

2. Ecobee SmartCamera

Ecobee SmartCamera stands out as a three in one camera, boasting HD video quality, Alexa built in, and an expansive 180 degree field of view. Furthermore, it acts as a HomeKit hub and connects seamlessly to other Ecobee products such as thermostats, room sensors, and new door/window contact sensor products.

Hardware of Ecobee’s camera, known as Haven, is well designed, boasting a contemporary mid-century modern style that blends in perfectly with most decors. However, Ecobee’s decision to bundle their camera with their subscription-based service was somewhat disappointing.

The SmartCamera can be used as a standalone security device with free local storage space, but for maximum home monitoring potential you need the Haven plan which offers additional features like Autopilot: geofencing technology that uses your smartphone location to arm and disarm automatically when leaving and returning home, family recognition capabilities and end-to-end encryption for added protection.

3. Nest Cam IQ

The Nest Cam IQ offers more than just good looks; it comes equipped with an on-device machine learning chip for even deeper insight.

Your security system can distinguish between people and other moving objects, so you won’t receive notifications every time the old lady from down the block drives by; only new faces or known figures enter your home will trigger notifications.

The Nest Cam IQ offers two-way audio and works seamlessly with Google Assistant app to recognize and respond to voice commands, while providing more refined image than its original Nest Cam thanks to 4K sensor, HDR technology and 12x digital zoom. Furthermore, Supersight automatically zooms in and tracks movement of person while notifying you.

Nest Aware subscription services such as cloud storage are required for optimal operation; nonetheless, we believe it to be one of the top indoor security cameras we have reviewed.

4. Ring Video Doorbell

According to one study, 36% of Americans have experienced package theft from their front porch or driveway. Security cameras can help prevent such crime by catching intruders red-handed and alerting you immediately of their presence; some models even come equipped with features like 105 decibel sirens and two-way talk capability to deter criminals and unwanted visitors.

Many home security cameras can be easily installed by homeowners themselves and feature intuitive apps for controlling features and settings. The best apps offer straightforward instructions for use.

Home security cameras vary considerably. Some use low-voltage wiring for power, while many can run on batteries for wireless convenience. Some cameras store video clips directly to memory cards while others upload them directly into the cloud and require monthly subscription fees for long-term storage. Companies like Aabode and SimpliSafe offer these cameras as part of comprehensive home security packages with professional installation included.

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