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Traveling To The Former Yugoslavia

Traveling To The Former Yugoslavia

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When you travel to northern Albania, there are a number of different ways to get from one place to another. For instance, if you are traveling with friends or family, a taxi ride is always possible. Taxis in northern Albania are very affordable and reliable, and it can be quick and easy to reach your destination. If you would rather drive, try out the best prices from local drivers in Tirana, who speak English. There are many companies in Tirana offering taxi services, including the famous Yellow Cabs that can pick up passengers throughout the city and give them a wonderful tour of the sights that are within the area.

It is possible for budget travelers to travel to northern Albania without ever leaving the town of Pristina. Pristina is the capital of Albania and a favorite among both locals and travelers. There are several historical sites, including the Kecavus Hotel and the ruins of the Abyssinati Castle on the outskirts of Pristina. The majority of tourists are unable to spend time wandering through the mountains and valleys, and instead prefer to explore the beaches, the markets, and the local markets.

The most direct route to Tirana starts in the town of Ulcinj, which is approximately twenty miles from the capital of Pristina. There are several ways to get to the international airport in Tirana, which is only two miles from Ulcinj. You can use either the Pristina-Tirana International Airport which is approximately ten miles from Ulcinj, or the Tirana Bus Terminus, which is located within the former Yugoslavia. From there, it is a simple matter to travel to any point in Albania or in the neighboring countries.

Another important point of interest within northern Albania is the town of Gjilad. The word “gjilad” means “cave where one can see rock formations.” This is the home of the world famous “Grizzly Bear” artwork, which is created by local artists. Many tourists travel to Tirana just to take in the artwork of this town, which is well worth the trip. Many travelers also travel to the nearby towns of Popovic and Kavo Preo to enjoy the mountain views and the great shopping.

Some other interesting sights to see while on a vacation in Albania include the five mountains surrounding Tirana, which are named after the five greatest leaders of modern Albania. All of these mountains are Tirana al Beni, Tivoli, oire, Mladen, and Grado. All of these are within an easy drive’s distance from Tirana, making it very convenient for travelers to get from one point to another. Several tourists traveling to Albania will also love the possibility of visiting the Blue Cave, which is an open air limestone cave that can be reached by taking the stairs from the visitor center.

When traveling to Tirana from any point within Albania, you will need to rent a vehicle. There are many taxis throughout Tirana and driving to the international airport is much easier than traveling from any other point in Albania. If you are travelling to the Macedonian border from any other point within Albania, you may need to rent a taxi or cab. There are several options for taxi services along the Tirana – Atahole border.

When traveling to Tirana from any point within Albania, you may enter the country visa-free through their station. There are several budget and mid-range accommodations available in Tirana that you can stay in, such as guesthouses, hostels, or apartments, that are available to rent. It is not difficult to find such accommodation, and some are located just meters from the international street. Some of the budget Tirana hotels may even allow tourists to use the swimming pool.

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