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Tides and Temples in Nusa Dua Indonesia

Tides and Temples in Nusa Dua Indonesia

When traveling to the island of Nusa Dua, Indonesia you will find the perfect blend of nature and modernity. The perfect setting for an island paradise, Nusa Dua boasts a wide array of tropical beaches. The most popular beaches are the Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Canggu Beach, and Surabaya Beach. Each of these beaches offers its visitors different activities that can be enjoyed during leisure time or during special occasions. In addition, each of these beaches has its own cultural distinctiveness adding to the unique experience of a vacation in this region of Indonesia.

Canggu Beach is located on the northern part of the island. Here tourists can enjoy the beauty of the white sandy beaches while basking under the sun. One of the highlights of Canggu beach is its formation of Kuta Tides. At the center of the Tides is a cluster of small temple ruins that were once used as a cemetery. Another interesting site is the Balinese Fisherman’s Village, which can be seen at a distance of over a mile from the Tides. A walk over this village brings one closer to the remarkable Balinese Fisherman.

Kuta Beach features a sea wall that was built to protect the southern portion of the city from possible shelling attacks by the Japanese. The Temples of Suara and Sangri are located at the southern tip of the island where tourists can take a picturesque boat ride across to the other beaches. You can also visit the temple dedicated to the Goddess “Kua Tuteng” who is believed to have become a goddess because of her ability to draw water from the sea.

Sanur Beach is also popular for its beautiful views of the sea and surrounding mountain peaks. This beach is also home to the Taman Negara temple complex. Some tourists find this temple complex and the nearby Sanur Waterfall an interesting way of learning about Balinese history. There are a lot of activities planned here during the months of November to March. Here, you will be able to enjoy water sports like rafting and kayaking.

This is another well-known temple destination in Bali, where visitors can spend a day or so strolling along the seafront and looking at the lovely scenery. You can also make use of a cable car to get close to the temple ruins. This trek leads you to the sea where you can admire the sunset. A walk from the temple complex to the sea shore is also a popular activity during the afternoon.

Hanging out on a starry night in Bali is quite breathtaking. The night safari offered by the Kerobokan Island is a popular tourist activity in Bali. The tourists can camp out at the edge of the island at night and then walk to the point where the starry sky turns into a rainbow, as it begins to open. The night safari also allows you to see what is beneath the surface of the sea. The Kerobokan is also a good place to pick up some delicious sea food.

The sea turtle nesting site at Sanur is another interesting attraction in the area. The nest is made of mud, which you can tour and take a picture of. Another interesting attraction is the sea lion, a rare animal spotted only in Bali. It can be seen in the waters around Sanur and can be caught easily on a camera.

Tourists can also watch the seals hunt at night when they come to hunt for their prey. While you are on a tour to the sea, you may as well take a boat ride to explore the waters. You can get a spectacular view of the sea and coastline from the boat. The Temples of Nusa Dua and Kerobokan are sure to be the highlights of your tour to the seaside and temple regions in Bali.

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