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The Best Entertainment Apps

There are countless great entertainment apps out there; some are free while others require subscription payments. From movies and games, to chatting apps and social media services – these applications will keep you entertained for hours on end!

9GAG is one of the best entertainment apps for fans of funny pictures and memes, providing access to millions of hilarious memes, photos, and videos.

Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster is an immensely popular and well-made app with plenty of extra features for users to take advantage of. The Theaters and Upcoming tabs in particular provide useful details regarding local cinematic showings (with ticketing options) as well as DVD releases due out soon.

Your Movie List also lets you build your want-to-see list, read Rotten Tomatoes reviews and watch top movie trailers, as well as connect to Facebook or Netflix accounts for seamless movie discovery.


Tubi offers a free, ad-supported streaming service offering a large library of shows and films at its disposal, from award winners and classics to some cheap “garbage cinema.” While much of Tubi’s content may contain subpar “cheapie cinema,” its library does include many award winners as well.

Tubi offers an intuitive user experience similar to Netflix’s, making it simple and user-friendly. Users can create accounts and view content directly on a television using compatible devices from Sony, VIZIO, and Samsung.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games is an essential app for gamers, providing a central hub to manage all your video game library while keeping an eye on progress, scores and achievements.

As well as offering seamless gameplay experiences between phone, tablet, Chromebook and Windows PCs, this software also enables players to access, download and play mobile Android games using mouse and keyboard input on PCs.

Google is testing a revamp of their leaderboard and multiplayer window to align more closely with its new Material Theme theme that has been gradually implemented across Google apps.


HBO Max is one of the latest competitors to Netflix, offering shows such as Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy to viewers. It certainly stands up against competition like this!

HBO Now includes everything available through standard HBO, as well as original shows like Hacks and Our Flag Means Death as well as iconic television programs from years past. There are also Warner movies like Peacemaker and Our Brand Is Crisis as well as anime titles from Studio Ghibli available to stream.


Download this free application now to easily browse TV shows, movie listings, and more. With its user-friendly design and plenty of features designed to keep you entertained – such as showing which episodes have already been watched – you’re bound to find something worth your while here.

This app also features a Watch Later feature, making it simple and accessible across mobile devices, web browsers, game consoles and set-top boxes to save movies for later viewing.


Clubhouse is a voice-based social media app that lets you join virtual rooms about any topic imaginable. As either an observer or participant, you can listen in or add your thoughts yourself; topics can even be changed without exiting.

Black creatives, bitcoin dealers, Gen Z moguls-in-waiting, music agents and self-help gurus alike have taken notice of its increasing popularity, as has its use by brands to establish credibility and build trust with their audiences.


IMDb provides information about movies and television shows. Additionally, the site hosts an actor database as well as providing various features geared specifically to entertainment professionals through its IMDb Pro program.

IMDb provides movie showtimes, ticketing information, critic and user reviews and recommendations in your local area, plus access to top news stories from The Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, Deadline and others. Additionally, its news section aggregates top stories.

Books by Google

Google Play Books is the world’s premier ebookstore with advanced technology designed to meet your reading habits. Start a book at night on your tablet, pick it back up in the morning on your phone, easily browse, skim, highlight, and annotate as needed – Google Play Books does it all for you.

Google Play Books allows authors to add their own ISBN numbers and get paid when their books sell. You can upload previews and limit how much text readers copy-paste.


Audible provides audiobooks as entertainment to those who prefer reading over listening. They also produce original content like podcasts and tracks for sleep and meditation, plus podcasts about parenting. Their app gives access to new titles as well as managing customer support details and account details.

Free trials give you 30 days of Audible experience before paying a monthly subscription fee; should it not meet your needs, cancelling is simple and hassle-free.

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