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How to Use Hashtags on Facebook – Strategies That May Increase Your Traffic

How to Use Hashtags on Facebook – Strategies That May Increase Your Traffic

If you want to keep in touch with your fans, followers and friends on Facebook you must already know that you can do this using hashtag promotion. And to be able to do so in such a short time it is easier said than done. And for any campaign to be successful it really has to work hard and not just use the hash tags once or twice a day. It can be done, but then again only if you are willing to put in the effort and know what to do.

You may think that to use a hashtag is easy and quick. What you don’t realize is that each one of them is different and used differently by the people that use them. If you are promoting a blog or website, then you may wish to use the WordPress hashtag format instead of the Facebook version. This way it will be easier for your readers to find your content and also they will be able to tell in which blog post you are referring to.

Another tip to remember when using your hashtags on Facebook is to make sure that you include relevant information in your posts. This may sound obvious to you, but many people do not do this. Just because you use hashtags does not mean that you should fill every post or article with keywords or other information. Keep in mind that your hashtag will get picked up by news feeds, and these will then be picked up by others. So, in order to get the most from them you need to leave the keyword out.

There is one other important key ingredient that you need to pay attention to, and that is your hashtag should match your niche. Now this may seem obvious to some, but you would be surprised how many people do this. You do not want to use your post title as your keyword because most people will mistype it and miss it. If you miss the mark, then you won’t reach your target audience.

What you can do to help avoid mistyping is to use numbers or letters that are easy for your target audience to recognize. For example you can use D, E, and even a space if you are going with a space theme. You can also use numbers if you would prefer. It all depends on what you want your tags to be used for.

As far as the actual post goes, be sure that you keep your tags relevant to your content. Do not post a tag about football if you are discussing the differences of the two conferences. You want to use relevant tags that pertain to the content that you are posting, not just keywords.

Another one thing to keep in mind is to not make your posts long. People tend to click on links that they think will be informative, but when you make a lengthy post they tend to get bored and click through to the next link. People will not be attracted to a long post if it is simply trying to sell them something or promote an affiliate product. Instead, they will want a post that is interesting and informative.

Try to keep your tags short and sweet. If you have to explain why you are posting it, then you may be better off using short tags. This can help keep your posts from seeming like sales pitches or ones that are just promoting your own product or service.

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