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Ford Bronco Takes Off-Road with Sport Bar and Fender Trim

Ford Bronco Takes Off-Road with Sport Bar and Fender Trim

“The Ford Bronco” is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among Bronco owners and enthusiasts. But why? Why has it become such a favorite and what does it have to offer compared to the alternatives? The Ford Bronco is actually the first vehicle to use the new Ford SmartTrains platform. SmartTrains provide Ford with the ability to build real-time, customizable control over steering, acceleration and braking. These technologies combine to offer Ford Bronco owners real-time control over their ride.

Ford’s new SmartDrive platform allows vehicles to connect to the cloud to retrieve data on its environmental condition including speed, fuel consumption, torque, braking and acceleration. Now, various sources familiar to us all suggest that the Warthog label was simply used to redirect fans to the redesigned Ford Bronco website. Ford may be leaning towards making the crossover model of the F-150 Raptor rather than the all-new Ford Bronco. That makes total sense because Ford wants to work with established, proven names for new vehicles. The dual-engine vehicle concept is also interesting but never quite sure if it will make it to production.

Some Ford vehicles such as the Fiesta and Focus are already out in the market with ride-on-demand applications, while the Bronco and F-150 Raptor are not ready to take that step just yet. So it would be safe to assume that Ford is still working on its ride-on-demand concept, possibly with the release of the new Bronco in late spring/early summer. Of course, this leaves open the question of when the first Ford Bronco Raptor will be brought on-site for ride-on-demand purposes.

The Ford Bronco is expecting to be built on a Ford truck chassis. Although some reports have it as the base V-MAX model, it may very well end up being the C-MAX model since the production numbering system supports only the latter. Either way, Ford has confirmed that the all-wheel drive trucks will be built without any off-road tires. Ford has previously said that it will offer at least three models with all-terrain tires. Hopefully that will be followed by the all-terrain Ford Bronco having its own off-road tires and wheels.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Ford Bronco names and ordering system. Ford has previously confirmed that it will have an all-wheel drive model for the North American Market only. If anything, we will see the S-MAX model year be discontinued and the all-wheel drive system moved over to the CTX. I am not sure what the reason is for discontinuing the all-wheel drive name in the Bronco, but I am sure that it will be different than the C-MAX.

If the high-performance variant of the Ford Bronco does go into production, there is a chance that the all-wheel drive system will not be compatible with the standard version. That would be quite a disappointment to Ford fans especially since it has long been expected that the high-performance version of the Bronco will be made available. Even though that hasn’t happened, it does look like the all-wheel drive concept for the Ford truck will come as a replacement to the current C-MAX. For those that want the all-wheel drive feature, you might have to settle for the standard version for the time being until the Ford Bronco goes into production.

That would mean that we could still buy a Ford Bronco without the high-performance engine. However, there is still hope as Ford has already begun production on a new muscle car called the Mustang GT. Although we won’t see a Ford Bronco sporting the pony car name anytime soon, we can still look forward to seeing the all-wheel drive concept for the new Ford Mustang. That is, if we can still find one before the all-wheel drive trucks of the world catch on.

Right now, the Ford Bronco and its off-road cousin, the Ford Focus, seem to be the best trucks when it comes to off-road chores. That’s why Ford is putting out the all-wheel drive variant of the Ford Focus. The new Ford Focus will also sport a V-tec sport bar and fender trims. So there are definite opportunities if the Ford Bronco and the Focus can coexist. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see if the Ford Bronco goes off-road in the future.

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