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Fashion Alternative: Faux Leather

Fashion Alternative: Faux Leather

Over time, Eluxe was immersed into the ever-changing world of vegan fashion; becoming a media partner for Vegan Fashion Week in London and for the other regional events internationally. critters Magazine called it an artform; and Vegans Living magazine labelled it “the new wave of eco-friendly fashion.” vegan leather became increasingly popular in the UK.

Over the past ten years vegan leather fashion has grown in popularity all over the UK. One reason is its environmental benefits. Vegan leather, hemp, and other natural materials are much better for the environment than their animal-derived counterparts. This makes them a more eco-friendly choice for fashion, accessory, and clothing. They are also much cheaper than real leather.

Secondly, vegan friendly leather is fast becoming the number one choice for top fashion designers. Influential labels such as Dior are switching to using these products as well. With more consumers become aware of the ethical aspects of the fashion industry, the turn is now towards vegan friendly leather products. As well, as supply constraints make it hard for farmers to grow the number of animals required to supply the British fashion industry, the number of animals killed has significantly fallen.

Another reason why vegan handbags are becoming increasingly popular as fashion accessories is the variety they offer. The typical garment bag is often quite limited in size, shape, and colour options. A vegan handbag brand allows you to choose a large or small size, stylish or simple, colourful or sleek. You can also choose from leather or synthetic material. Many brands are also constructed using recycled materials, such as used canvas.

For a long time, the real leather garment bags were the only bags available on the market. However, thanks to advancements in fashion design, production methods, and materials, many brands are now using recycled rubber as well. This gives you an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags and has many benefits. For example, aside from being made from recycled rubber, most recycled rubber is actually stronger and more comfortable than plastic, making these bags better for the environment.

Thirdly, better brands now manufacture their products in China. China is a great place to source leather and other animal bi-products, because it is a rapidly growing economy that will soon create millions of new jobs. This means that ethical fashion brands can grow their businesses without having to worry about paying the high costs associated with travelling to Britain, paying tax, or dealing with the English labor laws (they are not legal in China). This is why most coolstone leather and recycled rubber handbags are made in China, helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Finally, the bags themselves can be made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Materials such as cotton canvas, hemp, and recycled rubber are all more affordable than fine leathers. While the price of some top-end fashion brands like Burberry and Chanel may be out of reach, there are plenty of alternatives available. For instance, most of the cool stone leather purses and wallets on the market are made using only organic cotton, hemp, and pvc. In addition, because many of the items being produced in China are for local consumers, the prices are much lower than in London or New York.

Finally, you don’t have to totally quit your animal-worshiping ways in order to use a fashion faux leather bag. Some brands like Mother Nature’s Gift have extremely chic, vegan-friendly styles that won’t mock your spiritual beliefs. These bags are entirely vegan and also come in a variety of styles and colors to fit into any kind of decor. Therefore, if you want to look cool, eco-conscious, and comfortable, a fashion faux leather alternative is definitely the way to go.

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