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Clarifies Russia Belarus Crawley coin desk           

Clarifies Russia Belarus Crawley coin desk: What is it?

Crypto assets come under the category of transferrable securities and that is why they are included in the area of sanctions according to the EU. These recall limitations were put on SWIFT organizations to 3 Belarusian banks and their associates for their actions, denying trade with Belarus’ Central Bank, and blocking the insurance overviews as mentioned in parts of the trading scene of the EU.

Lawmakers in the US have raised concerns about crypto could be utilized to avoid Russian sanctions. But, the amount of these concerns is still questionable. The Head of the public technique of Chainalysis said that this was impossible.

Belarus cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency transactions have been legalized in Belarus. Decree No. 8 “on the development of the digital economy” has been adopted by the Belarusian government in December 2017, which marks the first formal law governing blockchain and cryptocurrency in the country. On March 28th of 2008, the decree came into force. After a while, additional guidance relegation token-related activities were also approved by the Supervisory Council of the Hi-Tech park in November 2018.

Is Russia going to invade Belarus

Is Russia going to invade its neighboring country and close ally Belarus? Yes, it may have made plans for that along with its ongoing battle with Ukraine according to the Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate. The report alleges documents received by the military intelligence service of Ukraine, which appear to indicate preparations of Russia to move troops to invade and seize the territory of Belarus.

While the plans of Russia to invade or attack countries have been proven long back, such as the invasion of Georgia in 2008 and the current and 2014 invasions of Ukraine, invading Belarus may look unexpected. Belarus is one of the closest allies of Russia and the two nations share a very strong relationship.

Russia Belarus Crawley coin desk 2022

The EU (European Union) has clarified that sanctions put on Belarus and Russia stretch out to crypto assets. The EU said crypto assets come under the “transferrable securities” category in an announcement and that is why they are included in the array of sanctions allocated on Russia for its involvement in invading Belarus and Ukraine.

It has been clarified that crypto assets come under transferrable securities. This was the case already and its more clear now as per the official of the EU. After this, it is also confirmed that credit and loans also include crypto assets.

Russia Belarus Crawley coin desk auction

A $4 million worth of Cryptocurrency has been sent out to the groups that support Russia’s military in Ukraine so far, as per the report that indicates blockchain investigators and researchers. The report also says that millions of dollars are continued to be sent to paramilitary groups that are sanctioned officially. There were separate findings from the analysis which involved cryptocurrency-tracing firms Elliptic, Chainalysis, and TRM Labs along with investigators at the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volume called Binance.

The struggle of Belarus to attract miners shows how a political environment of a country can be a major hindrance in luring international capital despite having favorable business conditions. That was the situation before Russia invaded Ukraine. The war gave rise to new sanctions against Belarus and Russia from the West and it has to be seen how this will affect the attraction of Minsk as a place to spin up mining machines.

These sanctions could elevate crypto interest according to an executive of Belarus who wished to be anonymous. The Minsk High Tech Park is talking about allowing residents to make use of crypto for counterparty settlements, he also said, which depicts that crypto could be soon used to avoid sanctions. The most significant change after the Ukrain was that expanding sanctions “ may even incentivize the government of Belarus further to speed up mining activities since they may have to find different ways to work around the limitations and restrictions”.

Crypto exchanges such as,, and LocalBitcoins have made their Russian users aware that their services will be disrupted or discontinued soon and also recommended that they withdraw their funds from the accounts.

The latest sanctions adopted by the European Commission last week tightened the restrictions which were put on earlier on offering the citizens of Russia financial services all over Europe. The sanctions targeted making Russia to feel the consequences of starting the Ukraine war.

Until today, crypto companies in European Union were banned from offering custody of cryptocurrency to users of Russia who had assets worth more than $97,000 in their accounts. According to the boosted package now, the ban covers all accounts of the citizens of Russia keeping crypto in no matter what the size is.

The editor of the Russian-language news website Chronicles, Dmitry Suharev, told that he got an email on October 8th from LocalBitcoins which said that he can withdraw his bitcoin in a single transaction and his account would be not available to him after that. He also said that he used crypto to pay Russian freelancers. Since Russia cut off from global payment systems, cryptocurrencies are the only way left for payments.

In the email sent by LocalBitcoins, which is a Finland company and one of the oldest peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplaces in the world, said that limitations would not apply to those users of Russia who are citizens or permanent residents of the European Union.

A coordinator of the project Omsk Civil Union, which helps Russians to avoid war recruitment, Daniil Cebykin used Blockchain to raise money through crypto. He said that he received an email saying that he must withdraw his funds before the 27th of October. He left Russia after the war started and he works from abroad these days. Since the Ukrainian war outbreak, Belarus and Russia have been put under strict sanctions by the EU. These sanctions have had a great effect on the markets of cryptocurrencies in both countries. The crypto markets of Belarus and Russia have been badly bleeding because of the EU in recent times.

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